Monday, October 11, 2010

santa and mansions and bamboo, oh my

We made a trip to Lowe's this weekend for some fall flowers, and saw Santa precariously dangling from the rafters.  Looks like the poor old guy has a long ten weeks in front of him.  I bet he won't be so holly jolly by the time December 25 rolls around.
After church on Sunday Emily and I went over to an old mansion I just discovered.  Well, I didn't discover it, necessarily.  I have the discovery of new lands on the brain apparently, thanks to Christopher Columbus.  I would hate to steal his thunder on his big day.  What really happened  was I was just told of its existence, and wanted to check it out.  There is a lot of history behind this mansion, and someone does currently own it, but nobody has lived in it for years.  

We stood at the fence and took some pictures, because it's not every day you come across an abandoned 110 room mansion.  Or a rusty wrought iron fence, apparently.  Which is what I was clearly enamored with.
After a few minutes these two white dogs emerged from out of nowhere and started charging at us and barking like crazy.  I got a funny feeling they weren't barreling at us to see if we wanted to play fetch, so we ran (or hastily walked...we're not running people) back to the car and drove around the property from the safety of Old Blue.  Doors locked.  Windows up.  We realized that someone must live there, because someone has to feed those dogs.  Creepy.  Unless of course, as I told Emily, they survive on nosy people who perhaps get a little too close to the fence.  They try to pet the dogs, and next thing you know, they're dinner.  Then I started getting slightly carried away with my story and began to scare myself.  So I checked to make sure the car doors were locked.  For the fifteenth time.

It was going to be hard to beat a morning filled with church and an abandoned mansion, but oh, we were up for the challenge.  The afternoon started at my uncle's new house.  Apparently the landscaping philosophy of the previous owner was something along the lines of "BAMBOO, AND LOTS OF IT!!"
Hi Emily.

We then ventured to the mall, along with my mom and mommom, in search of two dresses for dances Emily has coming up.  I don't think we had even stepped foot into the mall when my mommom suggested that we make our first stop the food court.  She insisted that the key to a successful shopping trip is being properly nourished, and my mom and Emily wholeheartedly agreed.  There is no question that I belong in this family.

  A few egg rolls, an ice cream treat, and a corn dog later, we were ready to embark on the task at hand.  I hate to tell a lie, so I won't say it was an easy search.  But it was definitely worth it because Emily found two dresses and looks like a knockout in both.  She will be beating the boys away with a stick.  Or, perhaps, a very long piece of bamboo.  I happen to know where we can get a piece.  Or three hundred. 


ae said...

Great pics!

Jessica said...

Your story about the mansion was so interesting! You're an excellent writer. Also, I'm glad we share the love for Keith Urban! haha he was amazing and I can't wait to see him in concert again soon! xo

Jas said...

Those dogs could be living off of their owner. Like those dogs in Superman Returns.