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chips and chocolate

Tonight, I made a special trip to WalMart for a bag of Sun Chips just so my family could hear for themselves how loud that 100% compostable bag really is. Emily, clearly, was just shocked.

And then Em and I waited and waited for Phil to finally get home so we could try to get him to eat this...
We thought it looked like white chocolate.  It was really candle wax.  Our trick was a miserable fail because after a few flips from one hand to the other, he looked at us and said, "This is candle wax."

The excitement around here never ends.


Philip said…
She neglects to mention that the other side of the candle wax had the impression of a candle holder in it. Clearly wax. Plus it felt like wax. and smelled like juniper honey marshmallow estrogen surprise. Not at all convincing.
Lizz said…
haha sounds like a pretty clever trick ;) maybe next time without the candle imprint...
emolee96 said…
it would've been totally awesome... and it would've worked... except for the candle imprint part. and the fact that i made it totally obvious that it wasn't candy. oops.
Jas said…
Totally thought that the wax was half of a boiled egg. It made me hungry. No lie.
sassyshoediary said…
Hey Laura! I gave you a blog award!

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