Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a gem

All the girls in my family have a Giant Shopping Extravanganza planned for this Saturday.  Emily has had her heart set on getting the new Taylor Swift cd this weekend, but after dinner she asked if I would take her to get it tonight.  Since I apparently would like to be remembered as NEVER turning down a trip to WalMart, I agreed.  And also, I sort of wanted to hear the cd too.  Even though T. Swift has a history of getting on my last nerve with all the whining, her songs are catchy the first five hundred times you hear them.   
 I had already changed out of my work clothes and into black yoga pants and a tshirt, so I told Em I just had to put some shoes on and I would be ready to go.  I found a pair of comfy fur lined clogs that happen to dance the very thin line between shoe and slipper.  However, they have a good, solid rubber sole on them, which in my mind, edges them right on into the shoe category.  I slipped them on, and we were off.
I'm not a fan of our WalMart, but as I have mentioned before, that doesn't stop me from making thrice weekly trips there.  What can I say? I'm a sucker for the rollback.  It gets especially weird at night though, and I know this isn't very nice, but the other customers?  They're what my mom would call "rough around the edges."  The two of us walked into the store while Emily talked a mile a minute and I wondered if we were the only two people with a full set of teeth in the entire place and made a promise to myself never to return there again, even though I knew full well I would be back before the week's end because I cannot resist the tempatation of WalMart and their fancy marketing schemes.  As we passed the Halloween display, (which was in fact spelled HALOWEEN in three foot tall letters dangling from the ceiling) Emily looked at me and said in the most reassuring of voices, "Don't worry Laur, looks like lots of other people wear their pajamas to WalMart too!"
 Well.  Thank you for that little gem, Emily.  I knew I was pushing it with my fur lined slipper-shoes, but DO YOU NOT SEE MY BLACK YOGA PANTS?   
She did indeed see them though, and deemed them pajamas.  I didn't whether to laugh or to defend myself and clothing choices.  I decided the latter probably wasn't worth it, so my "pajamas" and I made the long walk back to the cd section.  It was a sad moment.  
It also forced me to think about how wonderful college was.  There, yoga pants are considered dressed up.  And if you pair them with a solid tee from Old Navy instead of one that has Penn State printed on the front, along with a stain or two and completely misshapen due to poor laundry skills, you must have a big day.  And if you wear JEANS?!?!  Oh my.  Don't even go there.    
Funny how things change.  Or, you know, not so funny.  Depending on how you look at it.


MissEmy said...

Taylor's new album is amazing!! I like all her stuff though. My favorite song from it right now would have to be Sparks Fly. But all the rest are right behind! :)

ae said...

Sometimes I like going to Walmart late at night just to people watch! It can be quite a learning experience.

Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Left you something at my blog! Go check it out :)

philmin9 said...

Glad you could tie the flowers into this post. Well Done.

Julianna said...

It's good to know that someone else was set on something & then changed their mind! You're right though, it's nerve-racking, but I'm kind of excited too! ..also, can totally relate to the "wardrobe" you speak of for college!! It's so strange not wearing jeans everyday! I feel like if I have on jeans & a baby tee (that's what I call the Old Navy round neck tee's) on, then I should just make my way over to the prom or something! Ha! How did you like the T. Swift cd??

GreenGirl said...

I have to say, I went into a Wamart for the 1st time in my life this summer. As God does bless you on important days, I got my period the day before a HUGE event in Delaware with the governor and Bill Gates people. Walmart was across the street.I called my friend Heather and was pretty much whispering, "Heather! Tampons are $3! Holy crap! Advil is $3 too!"
It was enlightening and eye opening.