Sunday, October 31, 2010

the costume that almost wasn't

Alternately titled: "ANOTHER post about Emily."  It's a darn good thing I have a little sister, because without her my life wouldn't be NEARLY as "exciting" as it is now.

Okay, on to the story.

A few weeks ago, Emily decided she was going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween.  Her short blonde hair is so fitting and she had the PERFECT green dress for the costume.  The dress was from this past summer and will be too short to wear next year anyway, so I suggested she cut the bottom to look raggedy like Tinkerbell's dress.  The costume was all planned out and was going to be perfect.  Last weekend my mom, Emily, and I (because I never, ever, no not ever turn down a trip to a retail establishment) went out to buy wings, glitter, green tights, and other Tinkerbell necessities.  On the way home from the store, my mom looked at Emily and said rather jokingly, "Hope you didn't donate that green dress to Good Will!!"

We got home.

Em had donated that green dress to Good Will.

So because my mom enjoys a Halloween costume that's not completely premade and also because she has the patience of a saint, she searched store after store to see if she could find the original dress on clearance.  Unfortunately, the search proved fruitless, and she ended up just buying a Tinkerbell costume for Em.  And tonight, after applying no less than a pound and a half of glitter and leaving everything and everyone in her path sparkling, Emily made a great Tinkerbell.

 Happy Halloween!
P.S.-Just a small side note, I thought the fact that Emily donated the dress to Good Will was hysterical.  I know if it were me who was the one who had to search for and pay for a new costume, I would not have found the situation so hilarious, which is probably why my mom didn't laugh nearly as much as I did (or at all, actually) at the whole turn of events.  But seriously?!  Funny stuff. 

It reminded me of the time my mom and I drove up to Penn State to pick Phil up from his freshman year of college.  We walked into his dorm room after a three hour drive, and nothing was packed.  Not.  One.  Thing.  It was like he was downright shocked to see us there on the last day of school to take him home for the summer.  So we shoved things into suitcases and boxes as fast as we could so we could make it home before my mom had to drive in rush hour traffic.  And as we were getting off of the elevator for the last time, Phil dropped a gigantic plastic container, and hundreds of pens came flying out.  I died.  Died.  I thought it was SO FUNNY.  My mom didn't really see the humor in the situation and looking back, I can't blame her.  But all's well that ends well, and we laugh about it now.  Just like the costume that almost wasn't.


Emily said...

it was less than a pound and a half of glitter. maybe a pound and a quarter. no less than that.

MissEmy said...

oh my, terrible to plan your whole outfit around a dress that didn't exist at home. :D It turned out nicely though.

I didn't dress up as anything... in fact, i stayed at home and watched a tv show. And cause we never get trick or treaters, I didn't have any candy. And the door bell rang!! I think I sank deeper and deeper into the couch at that point.