Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little Sunday morning ballad never hurt anyone

When I was in kindergarten, I had a pink Disney princess alarm clock.  It sat on the shelf above my bed, but to be honest I don’t really recall it going off very often because my parents usually woke me up.  However, when I turned six I meant all kinds of first grade business and I was so over the Disney alarm clock.  I became the proud owner of my first clock radio in preparation for the big bad world of first grade.  The kindergarten party?  It was over.

I remember my dad showing me how to set the alarm and turn it on every night before I went to sleep. 

Quick side note, I also remember my Dad showing me how to set the alarm on the first real watch I ever owned.  I got it when I was about seven or eight years old, and it was a Shark watch because anyone who was anyone in 1996 had a Shark watch.  The watch came with a lovely teal canvas wrist band and the best feature was that the waterproof capabilities would hold up for miles and miles beneath the surface.  That was a very convenient feature for me because just in case I decided to do some deep sea diving I knew that I would never look track of time whilst exploring the ocean floor.  Anyway, we set that watch alarm for 8:12 pm.  There was no real significance to that particular time other than the fact that I just liked it and when it beeped I could say “Oh it’s 8:12 pm.”  And to this day whenever I happen to glance at a clock at 8:12 I always think of my Shark watch and the deep seas dives we could have taken together. 

But back to the clock radio.  Finally, the moment came during clock radio installation to pick the radio station that would I would wake up to each morning.  Oh, I had ARRIVED.  I chose B101, Philly’s Soft Rock Station, because what else would a six year old with very sophisticated musical taste choose?  My favorite song that year was “Take A Bow” by Madonna.  It seemed like it came on every morning as I was putting on my plaid uniform jumper and yellow turtleneck and what can I say?  It spoke to me.  I also particularly enjoyed Expose, Phil Collins, and Meatloaf.  Nothing like a little “I Would Do Anything for Love” before a long day of addition facts and compound words.

My loyalty to B101 remained long past the first grade.  Their slogan was “Playing the best hits of the 80s, 90s, and today,” and they really did do just that.  Also, they like to get in the Christmas spirit sometime around mid-October and I can appreciate premature yuletide excitement in a radio station.  Plus their mascot was a bee, and who’s not a fan of the obvious yet endearing marketing technique?  I added other stations to my presets of course, but I always knew I could turn to B101.  They were, in the words of Bette, the wind beneath my wings.

However, these past few months I have noticed an awful lot of pop/borderline rap music on my go to soft rock station. 

It’s not that I dislike pop and/or rap because, because that’s most certainly not the case.  Chamillionaire had my heart from his first/only number one hit, and I think T-Pain and I could be great friends.  I just think that pop and rap should not be on the soft rock station, that’s all.  

I don’t think I’ve ever written a nerdier sentence.

Anyway lately Katy Perry has been spending and awful lot of time on the B101 airwaves, in addition to Taio Cruz.  I will admit that both of these artists have catchy songs, and even I join Taio and throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AYO, gotta let go.  But, I just feel like Katy and Taio do not belong on the soft rock station.  Yet despite the prevalence of pop songs I decided to soldier on with B101, because true love runs deep. 


I was driving along last Saturday, with B101 on the radio.  A commercial came on advertising their new “No Ballad Weekends.” 

Oh.  No.


I was crushed.  B101 without ballads is like a beach without sand.  Or a birthday without cake.  Or a stop at Sonic (America’s Drive Thru) without tater tots.  Or a Saturday in the fall without a college football game.  YOU SIMPLY CANNOT HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER.

I’m choosing to view this as just a poorly considered bump in my musical world, but I’m hoping the road doesn’t get too rocky.  There are better days and ballad filled weekends ahead, I’m sure of it.  

And until the ballads resume, seven days a week?  I have these to fall back on.

Just like Gloria says, I will survive.


mskanorado said...

Hmm...sounds like quite the dilemma!

JG said...

80s music is the best, hands down. There used to be a station back home that wa "soft rock, less talk." They only played commercials on the :15 and :45, for 5 minutes. The music was fantastic, but not surprisingly, they only lasted a year. I can't imagine that was enough sponsorship to keep them afloat for long.

ae said...

No ballads on weekends. On a soft rock station. That is just preposterous! It just goes against the laws of nature;)

Sara said...

oh no!! I hate when radio stations change it up...esp when no changes need to be made. I would call the station lol

Amylou said...

Oh I feel you! I don't hardly even listen to the radio anymore. Not worth it. They never live up to my standards! Cute blog post. I found my self giggling a bit! =)

Things to Do said...

True story re: Taio Cruz's Dynamite. For a while thought instead of Gotta Let Go actually was Galileo. And I was super excited for someone finally recognizing the scientific revolution in song. When it was finally brought to my attention that I was incorrect, I lost all resect for the song.

Jamie Lane said...

You really CAN'T go to Sonic without getting tater tots! Also, I'm very sad to hear that your ballads will go missing for 48 hours each week. That is just wrong.

Natalie said...

I feel your pain... I hate when radio stations change their music even if it's for a day. I want to hear what I expect from them. haha

Thanks for your comment on my blog! So sweet. I think I will try heels! I will be back to read your blog. I really like it! ~Natalie

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

Ahhhhhhhaaaaaa! I love this post! There's nothing like the excitement of singing a classic ballad while you are driving to the shops on the weekends. Whoever came up with this rule should be fired.

Lyndsay said...

I listened to B101 in college. I can't believe they changed it up and made it a no ballads weekend. Ballads kind of defined B101. Plus, they were the perfect sing-a-long songs for the weekend.