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you never know what you'll find on the clearance rack

Look what I found on the clearance rack the other day.

These lovely, hunter green, corduroy leggings with faux stitched pockets.
It's truly a wonder they didn't sell at full price.


Jessica said…
bahaha terrrible.
Melissa Jo said…
OMGOSH! Those are awful!
JG said…
andrea said…
Tell me you bought these. Please GOD tell me you bought these and are wearing them with absolutely everything, you fashionista, you.
Michelle said…
why? what's wrong with them? haha jk ... they definitely deserve to be on clearance!
stephanieamber said…
PLEASE tell me you bought them. PLEASE!
lalalalauren said…
hahahaha! awesome. i really hope you bought those...
Jessica said…
Alex said…
Why wouldn't you buy such a hot item?!
Petchie said…
I love leggings!! Any color! So cute!

Kristina said…
And I am sure you just couldn't live without them especially at that price! Who wouldn't just love to have those as part of their wardrobe!?! LOL
GreenGirl said…
Clearly they are marketed to the people in Old City

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