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this particular march day was full of madness

Sunday was a big day.  It was Selection Sunday which meant March Madness had officially begun, and I’m not talking about the madness that is Macy’s lowest prices of the season.  Last year I filled out a bracket and chose Louisville to win it all, and although they did pretty well, I won’t be choosing them again this year because lighting doesn’t strike the uneducated basketball “fan” or casual observer twice.  Both my alma mater and the school I am currently attending are in the tournament, but I probably will not be choosing either of them since I have a feeling they are going to go the way of the Louisville Cardinals of 2010 sooner rather than later.  Instead, this year I will be throwing my support behind Akron.  Do me proud, Zips.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Emily and I had our “adventure” to Target.  First of all, I have to say that I’m saddened by the news that most of you don’t have two floor Targets, and so I took a picture of the escalator to show the world or twelve people proof that two story Targets do indeed exist.
Emily was mortified when I took this first picture and actually hid behind a rack of the adorable new spring line of Mossimo purses while I whisper-yelled “It’s for the blog!”  Then we went upstairs and she picked up the new Glee cd and I stood in front of the clearance shoes mourning the fact that my feet aren’t a size 4 because I would love nothing more than a $4.37 pair of gray ankle boots with a small heel or leopard print flats for less than $3.00.  Unfortunately I do not have miniature feet, so my size 8 ½ feet and I walked away empty handed.  Or bare footed, as the case may be.

I actually brought a list to Tarjay with me because I needed envelopes and coffee creamer and I would hate to forget one of the two things I had to remember.  Both items are located on the first floor, and as we headed to the escalator to go back down Emily said “Wait!  Let’s grab a cart so we can take a picture of the CART ONLY escalator in action.”  Well then.  Appears someone had a change of heart.  She also had a last minute request for me to snap a picture of the sign that says “CARTS ONLY” but due a camera malfunction and some trepidation I have about boarding escalators it came out a giant blur. 

So please take a moment to imagine a sign that says “CARTS ONLY.” 

And, here is the cart making the grand descent.  This Target has existed for years and years, yet the novelty of the cart escalator has yet to wear off.  And I doubt it ever will.
While I was typing this, Matt asked me if I wanted to participate in a March Madness pool.  The cost was $5.00 though, and while I decided about ten minutes ago that I love the Akron Zips, I don’t feel confident enough about their chances to stand behind them financially.  So, I’m going to save the $5.00 and opt out of the tournament. 

I feel it's the right decision because I know that one of these days Target is just bound to have some size 8 ½ shoes on clearance for next to nothing, and I want my five dollars and me to be ready.


Megan said…
I had absolutely NO IDEA that 2-story Targets actually exist. And the carts only escalator? Yeah. Never heard of that, either. My mind has officially been blown! And I'm super jealous.

Also, I completely understand your sadness at finding those super cute, super cheap shoes... only to realize that they're way too small. Because that happens to me all the time. Boo!
Ashley said…
So awesome that you blogged about the 2 story Target and the cart escalator! The 'Tarjay' that I used to shop at had the cart escalator too... it really doesn't ever get old.

I feel your pain when it comes to having 8.5 size shoes... there is hardly ever much selection in that size when it comes to clearance shoes. :(
JG said…
A cart-only escalator. What will they think of next.
REBrown said…
I had no idea that 2 story targets actually existed!

We had a 2 story Wendy's in the town I grew up in and people always thought it was really neat.
Kristin said…
I love 2 story Targets!!
Kristina said…
WOW! Never have I seen a cart escalator OR a two story Target! That's awesome!
Carey said…
Love your blog! Actually, I just love the color pink so that is probably what is attracting me :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my cleaning post! Hope you have a fab night!
Baby Sister said…
One day I hope to experience the awesomeness that is the cart escalator...
brittany said…
hmmm i think nashville definitely deserves a 2-story target! although, a 1-story target is hard enough on my bank account :)
That's awesome! I have yet to go to a 2 story Target but they seem pretty cool!
April Rowell said…
Fun post! Its probably best that my town doesn't have this thing you call a two story Target. Bad news for my checkbook. I really hope you find those magical clearance shoes that you are saving your money for:)
GreenGirl said…
I need to find that Target. There is a two story Bed Bath and Beyond in Wynnewood....
Leigh Anne said…
oh my goodness, two level targets?? i'm amazed. and the cart escalator is too funny! also love that you took pictures for "the blog" :)
ae said…
Thank you so much for the pictures! I now have proof they do exist;)

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