Sunday, March 6, 2011

you will be on the edge of your seat for this entire post

Whenever I have to wake up very early for something important, I am completely unable to sleep the night before due to a nagging fear that if I fall asleep, I will oversleep.

For example, the very last final of my college career was at 8:00 am, and I could not fall asleep the night before.  One single press of the snooze button was all that stood between me and college graduation, and I ended up lying awake in bed all night because the early bird gets the worm.  Or the college diploma, as they case may be.

Anyway.  My big business trip was this past Tuesday and I had to wake up bright dark and early at the hour of 4:00 am and I hardly slept a wink the night before.  I've never woken up that early before and when I turned on the news as I was getting ready, the anchor cheerfully announced, "Well, morning hasn't quite broken here in Philadephia." 

Hasn't quite broken?  I'll say. 

We flew from Philadelphia to Atlanta and it was only my second time on an airplane.  I didn't particularly enjoy the whole takeoff procedure, but once we were at cruising altitude (that's just some airplane lingo I picked up) I was fine.  Although I was a little disappointed when it was announced that once we were wheels up (just another technical term) cell phone use was forbidden.  It was really ashame because first of all, I hear cell phone service in an airplane is just spectacular.  And also, I had been planning to call my friends TI and Ludacris from the air and tell them I was on my way to their city of residence in case they were available to meet for an early lunch.  However, I have a feeling that one or both of them may currently be serving a prison sentence so a lunch date with my favorite rappers was unlikely anyway.

My fancy phone does have an "airplane mode" feature that supposedly doesn't interfere with all of the flight instruments, so I turned it on for two seconds to snap this lovely photo.
I didn't have a window right next to me so I had to lean my chair waaaaay back and then stretch back a little more to use the window of the person in the seat behind me.  Nothing says "airplane rookie" like borrowing your neighbor's window to take a picture of the beautiful body of water you are flying above.  (I think it was the Atlantic ocean.)  I turned my phone off immediately after I took this picture because the last thing I wanted was the flight attendant coming on the loudspeaker and asking the passenger in 10A to please turn off their cell phone. 

I had my very own hotel room, and I have never stayed in a hotel room all by myself before.  I have also never slept with eight down pillows before, but let me tell you, a girl could get used to that.  The hotel was very fancy and had some lovely hand lotion in the bathroom that smelled like it was sent straight from heaven or possibly Crabtree & Evelyn.  Anyway I wanted so badly to bring it home with me but unfortunately real estate in my ziplock baggie meant for 3 ounce containers of liquid was hard to come by.  It was a tough decision but in the end I decided to ditch my travel tube of toothpaste at the hotel and bring the lotion home instead.

I'm thrilled to report that my ziploc bag of liquids made it safely through security and so did I.  I did have to go through the full body scanner though, so let's just saying I'm hoping that what happens in Atlanta stays in Atlanta. 

Although if I could transport a few things from Georgia to here in Philadelphia they would be the southern accent and restaurants dedicated to nothing but barbecue.  Neither of those things exist here and I think they would do worlds of good for the northeast.  Ya'll.

And now it's back to the real world here in the life of Oh Laura Darling, and my mind is already full of pressing issues, as you can imagine.  For example, tonight I painted my nails navy blue because I read somewhere that navy blue nails are SO IN and I would hate nothing more than to be a season behind in the latest nail polish trends.  However, I'm a bit concerned that this particular navy is a few shades too dark for me and I'm not sure if I should take if off and apply something I'm more comfortable with, like a nice BRIGHT PINK, or go with it for a while.

Also, this afternoon our church had a fundraising concert and a Broadway star came to sing, and it made me rethink all sorts of things including pursuing the dream of becoming an international singing sensation as opposed to just belting out New New, New York while I wash the dishes.  It's sort of like what happens when I watch the Olympics and convince myself that I could indeed become the next world class figure skater or champion gymnast if I start intensive training RIGHT NOW.  Never mind the fact that I can't even do a cartwheel and can only maneuver around an ice rink with the assistance of a very large orange traffic cone.  Michelle Kwan has nothing on me except grace and impressive coordination.

I have nothing more to say tonight but I can't come up with a clever way to tie this whole post together.  Between my nail polish dilemma and all the thinking I've been doing about becoming some sort of broadway singing gymnast on ice, my brain is understandably tired.

I do hope you had a lovely weekend.


LittleSilkDress said...

I hope you enjoyed your business trip adventure - minus the full body scanner, of course. I'm gearing up for a business trip next week, in fact. Here's hoping the scanner isn't in my immediate future! ;)

Kaleena J. said...

that picture is fascinating! also i laughed at the part where you crossed out bright and said dark and early haha very witty of you.

have a great week!

Tatiana said...

haha. You're too funny. I'm glad you had a great time in GA. And yeah, I hate those body scanners, too. But not nearly as much as I hate being patted down. They need to take me out to dinner after that one

Sarah said...

I was exactly the same way the first time I flew last September! I take pictures out the window every time I fly now because WHAT IF THE WORLD SUDDENLY COLLAPSES and I have the last remaining pictures of the world as it used to be??

Or maybe I just take picture because I think it's beautiful.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You're too funny! Glad the trip went well and that the flight was ok! It looks like it was a pretty day!

ae said...

I am glad you had a good time in my part of the world! I will happily send some of these bbq places up your way. We have them around every corner.

I have been wearing navy blue polish for a couple of years now. Good to know I will be in style this year!

Mrs. K said...

I'm no Luda, but I totally wouldve met up for lunch!

Things to Do said...

I have a basket currently overflowing with hotel toiletries. Whenever I go somewhere I always make sure I grab extra. They come in real handy when I'm too lazy to go to the store! Sounds like you had a fab time!

Baby Sister said...

I am glad that you and your lotion made it back safely. Good luck on the nail polish and the singer. I have the same problem when I watch the Olympics.

Ashley said...

Just came across your blog while blog hopping... and I love this post. I fly a lot and love love love to look out of the window. I'm almost always trying to sneak a peak around people if I don't have the window seat. I love that picture that you snapped with your phone too. (:

I always take my own toiletries so that I can save all of the little hotel supplied goodies. hehe. Crabtree & Evelyn.. haven't seen that yet. I would have ditched my toothpaste for that too, good choice!

I'm your newest follower.

GreenGirl said...

I realized that I wasn't "following" you so I was behind on your posts.
I remember my first sales meeting/training in a room by myself.
I remember feeling so grown up...!
The best is getting room service for the first time.
I don't know why, but when I am away for a meeting for a long time I always order grilled cheese on rye. So weird, I know...