Saturday, December 11, 2010

not exactly what i was hoping for

I am taking classes at night to become a paralegal.  I had class the other night, and when I got there, I saw a little piece of white paper all folded up on top of my desk.  It looked like a fortune from a fortune cookie, and I just couldn't wait to open it to find some words of wisdown or an impressive prediction. 

This is what it said.


Jas said...

WHAT? No. Screw those haters. The rice probably wasn't even that good, anyway.

Jenn W said...

that is not a sign of things to come...ha

Kate said...

aw sad day! Is that supposed to be some kind of omen from someone to make you think you will be a low income person? Haha

thanks for the encouragement! Sheesh.

Oh and thank you for your sweet note of encouragement about exams! The worst is over, now just one silly one that will be fun to take.

God bless!

Jessica said...

Yuck, it was obviously meant for someone else. LOL!

Penny Lane said...

Wow that is a bit depressing.