Monday, December 27, 2010

she's closer to thirty than she's ever been before

Today is Emily's 15th birthday!  I cannot believe she is fifteen years old.  It seems like just yesterday I put on my favorite outfit, which at the time happened to be a white turtleneck shirt, snazzy blue sweater, and black stretch pants WITH STIRRUPS, and went to hospital to meet Emily for the first time. 

From the second I saw her, I loved having a little sister.  Although this morning she spent a solid amount of time down on the deck hurling snowballs up at my bedroom window with a force I was unaware she even possessed, and I have to say "love" wasn't really an emotion I was feeling at that particular moment.
But, overall, it's been a blast.

In honor of Emily's fifteenth birthday, I have composed a poem for her.  It's sure to be an award winner in no time.

I just can't believe you're already fifteen years old.
I hope you like your present...millions of dollars worth of gold.
Actually the gold is really just a joke.
I can't afford that, I'm almost broke.

It seems so fitting that on your birthday this year we had a big snowstorm.
There was one the year you were born too, maybe it's the norm.
Although the one in 1996 was actually a blizzard.
How appropriate that was because you like wizards.

"You and Emily will be best friends someday," is what Mom always told me.
And as you are getting older, I can tell that's what we'll be.
You were fun when you were younger, and we played together a lot,
but these last few years have been my favorite, now we laugh and talk and shop.

I hope you enjoy your birthday as you turn the big one five.
This time next year you will be learning how to drive!
I hope you have a wondeful year and that it's full of love and fun,
you are the greatest little sister under the big, bright sun!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Emily!! :)

Jessica said...

Aww, what a sweet poem, happy birthday to your sister!!

Mallory said...

Aw that is such a sweet poem! Good job, you English major, you. Happy birthday Emily!

Things to Do said...

Love the poem and that print dress!

Baby Sister said...

That's a cute poem. :) Happy Birthday Emily!! :)

Kristin said...

Having a sister is the best!!

Ashley said...

sisters are the best! (so were stirrup pants in the day!)