Monday, December 13, 2010

i laughed a lot on saturday

I love words.  I love that words can make you laugh and cry and think and dream and forgive and understand.  However, once in a while, words just are not adequate.  And this is one of those times. 

My parents went away a few weeks ago and went to an antique store/flea market, and my mom came home with a beautiful mink fur cape.  They wanted to take my sister and me back to look at the other fur coats, and to see this flea market.  When they tried to describe it to us, words escaped them.  And after our visit there on Saturday, I can understand why.
Now this is what I call one stop shopping!  You can buy a fancy headstone, and just a few steps later, purchase a neon tye dye tshirt!  Talk about convenience!
I hate to dash someone's dreams, but if there is anyone out there still holding on to hope that someday their Beanie Baby collection will be worth some serious money, it may be time to retire that dream.
I have never seen so many Pez dispensers in my life.
And speaking of things I have never seen in my entire life, this lamp, with its deer leg base and very elegant curling ribbon detail, falls right into that category.
The nineties called...
they want their sneaker phones back.
Finally, we made it to the fur stand.  Emily and I each picked out pretty, short fur capes, but the owners just kept handing us fancy coats and hats to try on!  Imagine what my friends at Wal Mart would say if I waltzed in one night with this getup!  Quite a turnaround from the "pajamas" I usually wear!
After we had seen enough old fabric, bags of plastic tomatoes and other assorted artificial food items, and old bullets to last us the rest of our lives, we doused ourselves in hand sanitizer and moved on to our second cultural experience of the day.

Our annual Christmas trip to Cabela's.  World's Foremost Outiftter.  Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Macy's anymore.
A strange thing happened as soon as we crossed the Cabela's threshold.  Whenever my mom and I go shopping, we can't wait to come home and tell my dad how much we saved!  It doesn't matter how much we spent because listen to how much we didn't spend!!  Well, we were lounging beside this indoor lake and very large moose...
when my dad announced, "Gotta spend it to save it!"  As the owner of a Cabela's card and many, many hardbound catalogs reserved for Cabela's most loyal customers, my dad embraces the "gotta spend it to save it" philosophy.  I just knew I came by it honestly. 

After we made our purchases, we continued the all american day with dinner at Cracker Barrel, where I had biscuits and corn muffins, and two kinds of potatoes, and was in carbohydrate heaven.  And then we played Twenty Questions all the way home, which was a lot of fun despite a few disagreements, including but not limited to one about the versatility of buttons.

But just for the record, they totally have more uses than just clothing fasteners.

Finally, we watched one of our annual Christmas staples, It's a Wonderful Life. 

The end.

Okay, not really.  We also watched part of Wild America, because what else do you watch while you wear your new, authentic fur capes and detox from a day filled with mounted animals and fishing gear and stores with firearm check in stations?  Wild America, that's what.

The end.

For real.

Or, should I say "fur" real?


Sara said...

The antique store looked like fun. Your "American Day" reminded me of the episode I watched last night of Sarah Palin's show. It was uh interesting...considering Kate Plus 8 were there too, trying to survive in the wilderness.

Leah said...

Wow, that store is intense! Looks like fun to wander around.. not sure i would have bought anything though...haha

Elise said...

Thanks for sharing! I laughed as well. I wish I had cool shops like this to browse at where I live. Looks like you had a blast :)

Julianna said...

Oh my... wow! Hahaha! Love the sneaker phone, and the Beanie Baby theory - so true, which is sad because I have a friend who STILL gets them (she's 19) thinking they're going to be worth something one day. Bless her.

Baby Sister said...

Haha. Sounds like fun!! My dad loves Cabela's as well.

elise said...

Oh my sneaker phone and beanie babies!!

I guess I'll donate my Justin Timberlake beanie baby to the DI then... ;)

andrea said...

My dad loves Cabella's too, yawwwn. But seriously, I MUST OWN THAT LAMP. And ASAP. It's too tacky to not love.

Jessica said...

That flea market has some awesome stuff! You bought me that sneaker phone right? No? Well, I'll settle for a fur coat. ;)

Miss Southern Prep said...

That sneaker phone is absolutely hilarious!

ae said...

I would definitely consider that an eventful day! Looks like y'all had tons of fun!

Things to Do said...

OK, that must be the most amazing store ever. I can so see it being a setting for a children's book!

Kate said...

I would love to have that shoe phone to surprise people. Now if they could make cell phones like that, we'd be set!

MissEmy said...

Looks like a great day! :D I had to laugh at the "how much we saved" that's such a compelling reason to buy things. "Oh look! It's on sale!" ;)

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for the visit! Looks you like had a very busy and fun day, lots of shopping!