Wednesday, December 1, 2010

faux oreo

After dinner tonight I went upstairs and stopped by Emily's room to chat.  Her bedroom is right at the top of the steps and I cannot walk by it without popping my head in and saying hello, which she just loves, as you can imagine.  Tonight she was in her room "doing her homework," and all of her CDs were dispayed on her bed in some sort of very artistic pattern.  I was intrigued. I asked her what she was doing, but she didn't realize I was talking about the CD formation.  She thought I was talking about this... 
 and the handful of chocolate cookies she was hiding inside her math book.  Honestly, I hadn't even seen the toothpaste or cookies, but she quickly informed me that she was in the midst of her algebra homework planning a fake food trick on Phil.

Now, the last time we tried to pull off a trick like this, we attempted to pass off candle wax as white chocolate, and he called our bluff immediately.  But, hope springs eternal, and Emily was confident she could trick him into eating a chocolate cookie with a nice minty fresh filling, complete with tartar control!!

After making sure that the toothpaste was white, because a cookie with mint green filling would scream foul play, Emily set to work scraping out the creme filling and squeezing on the toothpaste.
 I will admit, except for the small blue minty crystals, it looked pretty legit.  Also, please take notice of the fancy nail design Emily is sporting.  Even though she wears a uniform to school, there are no rules about nail polish.  And sure enough, she has indeed discovered a love for elaborate nail art. 
 After the toothpaste cookie was ready for action, Em stood in the hallway and tried to gain her composure before the big reveal.
 I realize that it is irreverant that these shenanigans are going down right next to the crucifix, and in hindsight, perhaps we should have moved to a different area of the hallway.  But I think Jesus enjoys a good laugh once in a while.

She was really getting a kick out of herself.
 Off she went to Phil's room, all the while saying out loud "think sad thoughts, think sad thoughts" in an attempt to try and control her laughter.

 Those sad thoughts must have worked because she played it cool once she got to his door and said all nonchalantly, "Oh hey Phil, I couldn't eat this last cookie.  You want it?"
And now, Phil's reaction.








Yep.  That was it.  He took one look at that cookie and said "When are you girls going to stop trying to get me to eat fake food?"

That answer, Phil, is never.  I think the real question is, when are you going to finally fall for it?


Things to Do said...

Haha! Maybe perhaps it should just magically appear in the Oreo package with the good cookies.

Mrs. K said...

I love your stories! I'm totally going to try this one on some unsuspecting lad.

Mallory said...

Haha, major FAIL. I think you need to come up with a prank that doesn't involve food.

MissEmy said...

Oy! I think I'll try that sometime. LOL, your bro sounds smart. ;)

philmin9 said...

If you want to read my side of the story, check it out.

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

hahahha that's hilarious :) i especially loved the pictures by the cross. nice touch

Baby Sister said...

Oh wow. That is hilarious!! He's pretty good. Maybe you should change a bunch of cookies in the package and tell everyone but him and let him eat them, and then find it. That's something I would do. :)

Rebecca said...

Your sis makes me smile. I love that she cracks herself up! Thats a good skill to have.

beka said...

hah, i love it.
and the pictures in the hallway? um, cute. i'd be on the floor laughing because that's how i get when trying to keep a funny secret. :)