Monday, December 20, 2010

that's a wrap. and a giveaway!

I wrapped all of my presents tonight.
 I was so proud of how they looked that I took pictures of them.
I think they might be my prettiest presents ever.
 Plain and festive all at the same time.
 There is a secret behind these presents though.  Literally.
 The back of nearly every single one looks like this.

There was a lot of inaccurate wrapping paper measuring going on tonight.

If you're wrapping gifts this week, just remember...when in doubt, cut more.


Also, check back here later this week!  I will be hosting a giveaway!!


Things to Do said...

Your packages look awesome! And no one looks at the back, so I think you're safe!

lalalalauren said...

Hehe. That's fabulous.

Perfect Peace said...

They're so cute!

MissEmy said...

Love 'm! Wrapping presents is definitely an art. :) Merry Christmas!

ae said...

Very pretty presents!! When people get to the point of looking at the back of the present it is time to rip it open, so no worries;)

Kristin said...

haha i had wrapping issues too!! thankfully they were on my nieces presents and shes too young to know the difference :)

Kaleido Mind said...

so many gifts!!! love the wrapping--esp the use of the ribbon;)