i have been wearing pajamas for the last 48 hours

The meteorologists around here love a good winter storm.  After a while, you learn to take everything they say with a grain of salt flake of snow.  At the first sign of winter precipitation on the radar, they take over the evening news and tell the whole tri-state area to run to the store!  And buy eggs!  And milk!  And bread!  We might get one or even three inches of snow!  It is sure to be the WINTER STORM EVENT OF THE YEAR!! 

And then we get a few flurries.

Well, this past week our enthusiastic weather reporters mentioned a chance for a few inches of snow on Wednesday, but in comparison to their other BIG TIME HYPOTHETICAL WINTER WEATHER HYPE UP, they really downplayed this one.

And we got a foot and a half of snow.

It's safe to say that snowbody saw this coming.

On Wednesday morning poor Old Blue was snowed in, and the streets were covered in about five inches of snow.  Since Old Blue and I don't like to drive in the snow, I stayed home from work and called it a snow day.
Not to worry, Old Blue, Phil will be more then happy to don his pale pink headbead and sweep the snow off of you.
Since the rest of the family was at work and school, my brother and I spent a while shoveling, and it occurred to me that this was the first time we ever shoveled together where the shoveling didn't turn into fighting because YOU TOOK THE GOOD SHOVEL and STOP THROWING SNOW ONTO PAVEMENT I ALREADY CLEARED and I'M TELLING MOM IF YOU THROW THAT SNOWBALL AT ME.
I think that perhaps part of the reason for the peaceful shoveling experience was that Phil was wearing headphones and I was composing poems in my head.  That's something I have started to do lately, and I can't stop it or explain it.  I'm not even a poetry person.  Yesterday my poem started with..."Today Phil and I had to shovel.  It's a good thing we have warm glove....ls."  I know.  I'm a sure thing for poet laureate.
I suppose that another reason for shoveling in peace is the fact that we are 22 and 23 years old, and have matured a great deal since we were 12 and 13.

We woke up this morning to A LOT MORE SNOW, and poor Old Blue was covered again.

Luckily Dad was home and the snow clearing was much more efficient with him in charge.
After our morning o' shoveling, Phil made the trek to CVS on foot to purchase snow day essentials, aka a carton of eggs, some Reese's, and two bags of chips.
(This is going to be our Christmas tree next year!)
All day today the weather reporters just kept saying that the storm "really overperformed!!"

In my opinion, they dropped the proverbial snow ball.
So tomorrow morning I will have to change out of sweatpants for the first time in 48 hours.  It will be a sad, sad time.

However, the temperatures are dropping very low tonight.  So if it's cold where you are, and you go out in the morning, watch out for ice.

Vanilla Ice.


Megan said…
Hahaha...oh wow! Wasn't expecting to see Vanilla himself just now! Gave me a little palpitation!! I love that they said the storm "over performed." Instead of obviously admitting that they missed that one.
Miss365 said…
So pretty. I wish I had snow days in Sydney. Actually any weather related day off work would be great ;)
Things to Do said…
Wow great photos. I think you should stay one more day in sweats. I mean tomorrow is Friday after all!
Thisisme. said…
Gosh, you certainly have had quite a lot of snow over there!! Isn't it funny how the weather forecasters never seem to get it right. A couple of years ago, here in England and at April time, they forecast a barbecue summer. It was going to be HOT. Everyone rushed out, buying sun umbrellas, barbecues and the like, and I don't think it stopped raining all summer. LOL!! Lovely photos by the way., and it's good to hear that you and your brother have matured!!!
joyce said…
The snow looks beautiful!! I would love to live in a place that snows one day. Not sure how I'll deal with the cold though but it looks fun!!
Jessica said…
Ice ice baby! I slid into work this morning after a glorious snow day yesterday. I LOVED IT.
Holli said…
Very pretty! And yeah I agree...one more day of sweats... why not right? lol
ae said…
I am completely jealous of all the snow you have gotten! The high today here is supposed to be 62° and sunny. I really need to move further north;)
Darcy said…
ok this makes me miss snow AND vanilla ice :-)
Jenna said…
Oh my, that snow is beautiful! It makes everything look so peaceful.
I have NO idea how I missed your blog in my comments. Thank you for coming to visit!

Your writing is genius! Sounds like you are taking all that snow in good humor. It sure is beautiful. Stay warm!
Oh I hate when the local weather does that. Locally they do the same thing here and they missed our snow here this week as well. The hoarders of bread never had a chance to get out!

Good luck going to work and be safe!
The snow pictures are so pretty. We have had a whole lot of snow also and I am so ready for Spring! I really like your blog.
Emily said…
chinese food makes me sicks. word to your mother.
Jamie Lane said…
The second picture of Old Blue, his windsheild wipers look like arms, as if to say "Help...me..."
MissEmy said…
ahhhh, no more snow!! I don't want to see another flurry... not one. :P And unburring ones car is truly the worst. Nice you had someone to help you though! ;D
andrea said…
I have now, a week late, joined you in wearing the same pajamas for forty-eight hours straight. We're having our own (extremely lame, ice-version of) Snomaggedon down here in Dallas, TX, and the metroplex has SHUT DOWN. We have no idea what to do with all this damn ice...so no one goes to work, we stay inside, and watch Law & Order marathons for two days straight. WHAT UP.
GreenGirl said…
You over it too?
This whole snow is killing me! I am tired of putting a trash can in my parking spot...I'm tired of being wet and cold!
ashley.warner said…
I tagged you in a post!
Sarah said…
I heard about all that snow! It's been a crazy winter up there! Thank heavens the snow didn't make it to VA because it creates mass chaos down here when it flurries, let alone actually snows! And if you think reporters are bad up there, they are ten times worse down here! It's pretty entertaining. Oh and speaking of fighting over the good shovel (my brothers and I did that too! Totally normal) there aren't any good shovels to be found in this state. I used a metal garden shovel because it was the only one that wouldn't break. (This is when it snowed over Christmas). Happy Snow!
P.S. The Groundhog saw his shadow! Spring is around the corner!
Wow this is tons of snow. Perfect reason for wearing PJ :) The Vanilla Ice pictures made me laugh
Courtney B said…
Beautiful pictures!! My best friend and her hubby fight over who gets to shovel! Yeah you read that right.. they love to shovel the snow! She was 9 months prego and they were fighting about taking turns cause they both wanted to do it haha!
Annie Cristina said…
No fair -- we don't get snow days here in Miami. We do get hurricanes from time to time that disrupt school and work, but those aren't as fun.