Saturday, November 13, 2010


 Emily and I are sitting in Barnes and Noble, drowning our sorrow from the devastating Penn State loss earlier today in fancy hot chocolate.  Emily is reading Lord of the Rings and I am getting a kick out of watching and listening to the people around us.  I am quickly learning that a bookstore cafe is quite a place to people watch.  Currently, there is a group of hippies behind us discussing whether or not sushi is allowed in a macrobiotic diet, and the three old men next to us are debating the existence of God.  It's a definite mixture o' people in here, that's for sure.  A bona fide mini melting pot.

Earlier tonight Em was flipping through the Christmas magazine from our local Catholic Shop.  The glossy red pages were filled with seasonal trinkets and decorations, and then she stumbled upon this...

Saintly golf balls!  But of course!  What golfer in your life wouldn't love a three pack of festive saintly golf balls just in time for the Christmas season?  Now, Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, but I can’t help but wonder if the other two members of this holy trio were chosen on purpose.  Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost things (he and I are buddies), and Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes.  Is that perhaps a commentary on Catholic golfers?  I am Catholic, but a golfer I most certainly am not.  And if I were to ever hit the links, I would need all the help I could get, especially from Saint Anthony and Saint Jude.

The next page was filled with beautiful Nativity scenes.  Emily was quietly reading their descriptions, when suddenly she gasped.  I mean gasped.  In pure, absolute shock.  When she was able to wrap her mind around what she read, she shared with me that, “The three kings cost almost TWICE as much as the Holy Family! TWICE as much!  As the HOLY FAMILY!  Shouldn’t the Holy Family be more expensive than the wise men?!  This does not make any sense.”
Apparently the wise men come with genuine gold, frankincense, and myrrh this year.  That’s the only explanation.
We're about to pack up and head home, but in case you were wondering, sushi can be eaten if you are on a macrobiotic diet, just in very small amounts and once in a good long while.  And the three old men are sticking to their guns about whether or not God exists.  And have ironically have moved on to discussing guns.  I think we should have brought them our Catholic Christmas magazine!
Fore!  Amen!


Jenn W said...

Barnes and noble cafe is the PERFECT place to people-watch. foreal. i went there a lot this summer to study for my test and barely got any studying done because people all around me were having THEE weirdest conversations!

awakenthestars said...

i love people watching in barnes and noble! so fun. although, i would have been there celebrating osu's victory! :)

that's hilarious about the wise men. i needed a good laugh this evening.

-mary grace