Monday, November 8, 2010

some con-tro-ver-sy

A few months ago my mom asked me about the origin of the word “blog.”  I told her it was a combination of the words “web” and “log” and she was appreciative of the explanation, especially since she thought the term orginated from a technological evolution of "blah blah blah."  Which makes quite a bit of sense, really.  It's just funny to me because now I have one of those blah blah blah blogs and both of my parents have become loyal blog readers.  That's a sentence I never thought I would type, but it means so much to me that they read each and every post.  Plus, it’s a little way for me to say “Hey, Mom and Dad! Look!  Here is my English degree at work!!  It may not be as lucrative as that silly nursing idea I had but now at least I can cultivate my love for several exclamation points in a row and liberal use of capital letters!!!  By the way, I’ll move out soon!!!”

Anyway, there was a little bit of controversy on the ole blog recently.  I innocently published some lovely photos of a nighttime October sky, and titled the post “Goodnight, Moon.”  The next morning I received the following comment…

"If you took those pictures right before posting, the moon was two days past full which makes it a waning gibbous. Further, the moon when almost full rises shortly after sunset, hence this moon being so close to the tree line in your photos. So, if indeed the moon had just risen, shouldn't it be Good Evening, Moon, instead of Goodnight? It wouldn't be Goodnight Moon until very early this morning, when the moon would set shortly before sunrise. Being an English major and a stickler for proper usage I would think that you would know these things."

The comment was anonymous, but I knew right away it was from my dad.  His use of the word "further" combined with the fact that he is one smart guy and knows about things like the phases of the moon and where it sits in the sky at a particular time of night gave him away.  While this comment was chock full o' words like gibbous and hence, my dad will be the first to tell you that he is “hip to the jive talk.”  I can attest to the truth behind that statement because I have received many an email from him with the following closing:

Okay, study hard. 


And, "jive talk" or not, my father can use words in ways that I envy.  We exchanged lots of emails while I was away at school, and most of the time, it wasn't just what he said in those emails that were meaningful, but how he said them.

(In a funny twist, one of the most memorable emails I ever received from him was the one he sent me the day I decided to change my course of study from the aforementioned lucrative nursing major to the not lucrative at all but VERY!! FUN!! English one.)

The bottom line is that I have become accustomed to my dad's writing style.  And though he did not include any “jive talk” in his comment on my post about the moon, I knew it was from him.

Now just hold on to your hats, because this is where things get dramatic.

Someone responded anonymously to my dad's comment and said, “Wikipedia much?”

You may be thinking “Oh no they didn’t” whilst snapping your fingers in a “z” formation in front of your face.  And to that I say, Oh. Yes. They. Did.

I went home on my lunch hour that day and my Dad was home waiting on a plumber to arrive.  That's another long, sad tale, and since I like to stick to one long story at a time (you're welcome), suffice it to say that my parents informed us that night we had all better really love and cherish our new kitchen faucet, because...$$$$$.  Anyway, I walked in the house and my dad said “Hey! Someone responded to my comment on your blog with a nasty one!”  He said that he didn’t want to start any controversy with that person and their bad attitude right there on the ole blog, but confirmed what I already knew: that he composed his entire comment without even considering a Wikipedia consult. 

As it turns out, there was no need for my dad to argue with the nasty commenter in the comment section because he could do it from the comfort of our very own home.  Since the controversial commenter was in fact...dun dun dunnn...MY BROTHER.

I know!! Drama in the house of OhLauraDarling!  Listen, if the moon and her phases ever came up at the dinner table, my brother would never, ever, EVER dream of saying "Wikipedia much?" to my father.  No way, Jose.  But Phil chose to go head to anonymous head with my dad in the comments, and you can bet they did have a (lighthearted) chat about Phil's gross underestimation of my dad's knowledge of the moon that evening.  Although in this case, I like to think that my brother was not so much thinking about the possible author of the original comment, but instead concentrating on defending his younger sister.  At least, that's the story I'm going to go with. 

And let's hope OhLauraDarling and the OhLauraDarling family stay controversy free for a good long while. 

Or at least until the next waning gibbous comes around.


Mallory said...

Hahahaha, this post right here makes me wish I could have dinner at your house one evening. :P

lalalalauren said...

Hahaha! I love that your entire family reads your blog.

And once my mom left me a comment anonymously but I knew it was her because of the word choice. Funny how that works.

philmin9 said...

Ehh, what can I say? I saw a probable wikipedia correcter, and I had to go with it. It is practically internet law to call people out like that.

ae said...

Haha! I love that you knew it was your dad based on his wording and that your brother came to your "defense."

I agree with the first commenter dinner at your house would definitely be an experience!

awakenthestars said...

this is hilarious! i wish my family was that cool, haha.

-mary grace

Jessica W said...

haha that is hilarious!!

Rachel said...

:P Your family awesome!