Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lesson learned

Matt came home from school last night for the Thanksgiving break.  In honor of his homecoming, I will share with you a treasured memory.

Matt loves any opportunity to look under the hood of a car.  Any car.  For any reason.  And then he likes to throw around fancy words like tie rods and carburetor and serpentine belt while I nod and pretend like I know what he’s talking about even though we both know quite well that I do not.  But it makes me smile that he is so serious about it, and that he loves to know how things work and how to fix them when they don’t, and wants me to know too.   

 So when I visited him a few weekends ago, he insisted on checking the oil in my car before I left even though the handy little sticker the mechanics put on my front windshield told me that I had a solid 1500 miles left before I would need to have it changed again.  I got in the car while Matt checked things out, making sure I was good to go for the drive home. 

After a few minutes he closed the hood and came around to my door to update me on his findings.  “Well,” he said, “you certainly have plenty of time before you need to have your oil changed again.  But I don’t think you have any windshield wiper fluid left.”  This was terrible news because I am a huge fan of windshield wiper fluid and use it on a very regular basis since I value a crystal clear viewing area as I navigate highways and byways.  He had hardly finished speaking when without even thinking, I turned those wipers on full speed and very enthusiastically pushed the windshield wiper fluid button (that's the technical term, by the way).  As it turns out, I did in fact have plenty left.  Just ask Matt, because he was standing right in the line of wiper fluid fire. 


Poor Matt was just an innocent victim as my windshield wipers flew back and forth at top speed showering him with an unwelcome and unexpected monsoon.  Let’s just say that the majority of the windshield wiper fluid that was left ended up on Matt’s sweatshirt and head and I bet right at that second he was wishing he had an umbrella or at the very least, some goggles.  It was one of those times where for about five seconds you thing “I can’t believe I just did that,” but both of us couldn’t help but laugh and laugh.  Matt’s a good sport and said, “Well, apparently you do have some left!!”

And thus concludes the story of why Matt will always stand far, far away when I decide to see how much wiper fluid I have left.


Jenn W said...

ahaha whoooops! that would have been hilarious to see

Sarah said...

I love the windshield wipers! I feel like I have such power when I pull the thing (notice the car knowledge I have)and suddenly my windshield is clean and clear! :)

awakenthestars said...

my sister did almost the same thing to my dad, but it was the middle of winter... he was brushing snow off the car, and she was trying to 'help' with the windshield. didn't work out too well, haha.

-mary grace