Monday, November 15, 2010

just a girl and her sweatpants

Last night I packed away my summer clothes and brought out my winter ones.  I had been holding out hope that if I left my summer clothes in my closet, winter wouldn't come this year and I could sport sundresses and flip flops straight through March!  Unfortunately, it appears that old Mother Nature has a mind of her own and no consideration for my pipe dreams, and cold weather and snow will indeed be making their annual appearance. 

On the bright side, I am confident that I have a navy and white t-shirt collection that would make any Penn Stater proud!  See?
After I put those bad boys away and folded multiple pairs of jeans, all of varying style and wash of course because a girl needs her options in the denim department, it was time to tackle the sweatpants.  I just could not bring myself to count how many pairs of black sweatpants I actually own because I know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and my relationship with those comfy pants may very well fall into the category labeled “Gluttonous.”  So let's just say that the entire bottom drawer of my dresser is filled with black sweats and leave it at that.  Alright, it may or may not be the largest drawer.

As I was folding pair after endless pair of sweats, I realized that in terms of my sweatpants, the winds of change are blowing.  I went to a Catholic high school, so I wore a school uniform, and a scoliosis back brace (I should clarify that the brace wasn’t part of the uniform, but more like an added “bonus” for me and my very crooked spine!), so sweatpants had no place whatsoever in my wardrobe.  However, once I started college and was introduced to the wonder that is wearing sweatpants every single day, I fell in love.  And I fell hard.  Never had I met such a versatile yet comfortable item of clothing.  My love for sweatpants remained strong through crisp fall days and some very snowy, frigid winters.  And the day I discovered they could transition to an early spring wardrobe staple simply by being paired with a short sleeve top and flips flops?  Well, that was nothing short of a cotton poly blend miracle! 

I distinctly remember one morning freshman year, my roommate Heather and I were leaving for breakfast at 7:00 AM like we did every day.  We both had 8 AM classes, but don’t you dare think for one minute that that fact deterred our half sleeping selves from trekking to the commons every SINGLE morning.  There were always three very important things to see in the dining hall, which were, in no particular order: the football team, our favorite cute food service employee who we called Hash Brown Boy (or HBB as we eventually referred him when we brought him up with embarrassing regularity in casual conversation throughout the year), and an endless supply of breakfast potato options.  Anyway, I was wearing jeans that particular morning (it must have been laundry day) and I proudly announced to Heather, “This is my first time wearing jeans to class all semester!  I have worn sweatpants every. single. day!!”  She responded, “I haven’t worn sweatpants once.”  Well then. If I hadn’t been feeling snuggly and downright cozy in my soft, stretchy pants, I may have felt just a teeny bit lazy and/or sloppy.  But, I was in love.  And love is blind, and in this particular case, extremely comfortable.   Also, you can rest assured that by sophomore year, Heather had discovered a hidden love for sweatpants too.

My point (finally) is that for the last four years I have implemented a system in which I classify my sweatpants into three divisions.  Division One is for pants that are only suitable to be worn as pajamas and must never, ever see the light of day. Division Two is reserved for pants that are only in so-so condition but are certainly still appropriate for trips to my usual haunts, aka Wal Mart and Target.  And Division Three is for my "good" sweats.  I may even classify a few that fall into this category as dressy.  In case you are of the belief that the term “dressy sweatpants” is an oxymoron, let me assure you that you are absolutely correct.  Which is precisely why I feel that it may be high time for me to retire my sweatpants classification system, along with all of the sweatpants that fall in Divisions One and Two. 

I am twenty two years old, and a sort-of-but-not-really adult.  But I do work in an office where dressy clothes are required, and I wear jeans on the weekends now because I am apparently GROWING UP!  So, while my heart is protesting, my head is telling me that I need to get rid of the four year old, faded, holey sweatpants that served me so well throughout college.  They had a good run, though, and will  always be remembered.  I’ve heard it said that you never forget your first love, and in the case of leisure pants, those cotton beauties and their elastic waistbands were mine.  They will be truly missed.

Now, I’m off to classify my forty seven thousand t-shirts.  I wish I was kidding.  Baby steps.


Schnelle Couture said...

Yea, it's pretty disappointing because that mall is one of the best in the area. I'll have to check out the outlets sometime though - thanks for the tip! Are you from Philly?

Ashley said...

Hilarious! I was not a sweatpant wearer in college, however I did have an extensive t-shirt collection to sort through both when I graduated, and then again this spring before moving to Alaska. I feel your pain!

Thanks for visiting my was good to find yours!

ACupOfJenn said...

I love this post! My delimma isn't with sweatpants (I don't own one, just use the hubbys) but LEGGINGS! I loooove leggings!

Julianna said...

HA! Totally feel you on the sweatpants! I. love. them. dearly. I think people wonder sometimes if i'm homeless, but they just go with everything!!
(am i stalking your blog today, or what? ha! I have to get caught up)
Random fact: I also have scoliosis! My mom, brother, and I do. What are your curve degrees?

Debbie said...

As someone who has just proudly reorganized her closet and is trying, bit by bit to let go of superfluous attire- I sympathize with this post! :-)