i blame it all on ikea

It has always been a tradition in our family to watch Philadelphia's big Thanksgiving Day Parade every Thanksgiving morning.  Despite the fact that attending the parade in person would just require a quick train ride into the city, we watch it on tv.  While there are plenty of parade attending people in this world, we do not fall into that category. 

 For as long as I can remember, the parade was called the Boscov's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  But a few years ago the Grinch who stole Christmas Thanksgiving came a few months early and in the form of chapter 11 bankruptcy, and now we have the Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I'm sorry to report that the parade took a major nosedive to the south this year, and I can't help but blame it on Ikea. 

When Boscov's was the major corporate sponsor, there were marching bands and Christmas songs and jolly elves aplenty.  And now that Ikea is the sponsor, it seems that all they can come up with are lots of big blue and yellow flags and pop singers that no one has ever heard of singing songs that, coincidentally, no one has ever heard of.  To be fair, my dad said that the blue and yellow flags were actually the city flags, and I'm sure he is right, but don't you think I'm oblivious to the fact that Ikea's signature colors are indeed blue and yellow.  I smell a conspiracy in the form of Swedish self-assembly furniture.

So anyway, we were watching Siobhan Magnus (see what I mean?  WHO IS SHE??) belt out a song that was certainly not a Christmas song, and what looked like snow started falling all around her.  I figured it was fake snow, since who knows what dirty tricks Ikea has up their sleevs and the meteorologists had not mentioned anything about snow in their forecast for a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving morning of clouds and freezing rain.  However, a few minutes later snow started falling in our neighborhood too. 
  I went outside to take a few pictures, and apparently the snowy weather caused all kinds of crazy to come into the Oh Laura Darling family, because I came back in just in time to see Phil displaying the traditional Thanksgiving gang signs (or something?), and Emily throwing her hands in the air like she just does not care. 
Luckily we found our composure and were able to enjoy my mom's best Thanksgiving dinner ever and a visit with family.

In case you were wondering, and I'm sure you were, the snow stopped and Phil's gang signs did not make another appearance. and Emily only threw her arms in the air like she just didn't care that one time.  Talk about something to be thankful for.

However, if it snows on Christmas, heaven only knows what might happen.


ACupOfJenn said…
I loved this post. I wish we had a local parade to go see! I would totally jump on the train just to go!
Mallory said…
FYI: That girl was on American Idol, didn't get anywhere close to the finals, and coincidentally, people hated her.
MissEmy said…
Snow always makes everything look amazing and festive before Christmas. And especially on Christmas! But after that it's like, go away. I no longer need you. Bye Bye! *wave* ;)
Jas said…
I'd appreciate an IKEA Thanksgiving Parade if and only if Santa Clause brought down the house at the end aboard a massive, MALM bedframe that his little worker elves put together in thirty minutes using only their bare hands and an L-shaped handy-tool.
Things to Do said…
Are you telling me Santa isn't Swedish? :)
elleswim said…
Call me a cynic but I'm anti-parade. I think this is in large part because my city doesn't really have a big holiday parade. They do host a parade every year but I've never been. The only parade I've been to locally is for our annual opening of the beaches and that's pretty lame. I find parades kind of boring and that baffles everyone I know.
mylifeonrepeat said…
Aw, this was cute. And as for Ikea taking over the parade, blehhh. I can only imagine how boring that was.
sooo sad that ikea hijacked the parade!! haha i loved this post ~

i used to be in all the town parades when i lived in illinois, and now when i go back to visit i always watch the same parade every year in may. funny though bc our parades are most farm equipment, and fire trucks from all the little towns in the area. it's still the only parade i will watch.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! We got a little snow on Thanksgiving too not enough to stick, just enough to cause people to drive super slow though!
Rebecca said…
Those gang signs are pretty intimidating.
Ashley Reale said…
I can't believe you already got snow!!! I'm jealous-I love the snow around this time of year (not so much in the latter part of January and into February though!!)

Love your blog, definitely gonna follow :)
Jules said…
I live in the Philly area too and I missed the parade this year, but definitely agree that it was much better when Ikea was not the sponsor. The yellow and blue smells like a conspiracy to me too. Love the snow and Phil/Emily pic!

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving :)
philmin9 said…
What can I say? I'm quite the gangster.